Hekimsan Medikal ve Sağlık Hizmetleri

Transparent Film and IV Dressings

KoCrystal Transparent Film and IV Dressings are made of high-permeable polyurethane (PU) film with high moisture permeable medical grade acrylic adhesive and special coating technology. The high moisture-vapor permeability (MVTR) allows skin to breathe and may reduce the risk of maceration. KoCrystal Transparent Films are waterproof and aid in the prevention of bacterial contamination.

Product Description:

  • Highly permeable polyurethane film (PU) 20-40 g/m², thickness 0.015-0.030 mm
  • MVTR of PU 1800 g / m² / 24 h (37 degreeC).
  • Hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive 25-37 g / m²
  • CCK paper, PE or PET protective film.
  • Transparent.


  • High permeability: avoids maceration to the skin.
  • Prevents bacteria invasion: diminishes the risk of infection.
  • Waterproof film: patient can shower or bathe.
  • Transparent: observe wound at anytime.
  • Soft and comfortable: hypoallergenic.
  • Strong viscosity: could be applied for 7 days.
  • Safe and effective application technique.
  • Adaptable to awkward areas.
  • Sterile.


  • Clean site before applying dressing.
  • Ideal for fixation of IV catheter, PICC and CVC.
  • Anesthesia catheter, pulmonary artery catheter, hemodialysis catheter, kidney dialysis and PCA cannula.
  • Primary or secondary dressing.
  • Superficial wounds, such as pressure ulcers, minor burns, cuts and abrasions.
  • Use as a secondary dressing over KlariGel, KlariGel Sheets, PolyKomfort Non-Adhesive Foam, SeaKing Alginate and TexKare Ag 7.

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