Why FDA Approval ?

Hekimsan Medikal ve Sağlık Hizmetleri

In 1862, the foundation laid by a single chemists from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (The U S. Food and Drug Administration - FDA) in many food products, human and animal drugs, therapeutic agent of biological origin, medical devices, radiation-emitting products, cosmetics and animal feed in the field conducting scientific studies and public health is in the position controller on the arrangements.

Budget in excess of a billion dollars today, and 9 thousand 100 specialist staff in every corner of the United States, newly produced human and animal drugs, medical devices, food additives, and continues to work on baby foods. FDA finds trillion dollars a year at the same time the value of production, import, transport, storage and sales of watches.

In 1937, after a public health disaster in the United States was conscious of the need to have a more powerful federal law. Used in the treatment of some patients, such as sore throat, and gonorrhea, and the first "miracle drug" called sulfanilamide, children were used. However, the anti-freeze liquid medication to take place as a result of the poison used in the majority of the 107 people lost their lives, including children. Previous laws required drug manufacturers to test the drug on the market before placing them did not make. U.S. Congress, this law correcting the next year, companies must prove the safety of new drugs made it mandatory. The new law was also regulations for cosmetics and therapeutic devices.

Drugs and devices in time, before the security is available for sale, as well as to prove that there has been an effective follow-up was one of the responsibilities of the FDA. FDA's current role of the law in order to protect consumers and science involves making a good alteration. American people spend more than 20 percent of its revenue products is the responsibility of the FDA's safety and best interests, given the decisions made by the institution seems to directly affect every American citizen. Field of public health "prevention" as a first priority determines exceed FDA safe food consumed by the people of the food imported into the country for watching and prevention strategies in scientific research and risk assessment are identified.

About the safety of medicinal products, the FDA performs control study of more than 15 thousand every year, always prepared against the emergence of an unexpected health risks, as is appropriate and timely interventions. One of the priorities of the institution in the provision of access to new technologies easily expressed as the public is being presented to the market. The United States is one of the oldest and most respected consumer protection agencies of the principles of the FDA's use of the latest technology, the marketing of products worldwide to act because of the universal dimension of the product including all phases of pre-market and after-market decisions are taken into account for the study and prevention of all Showing related industries to cooperate.